February 25, 2016

Strategy, Growth, Scaling, Sustainability, Due Diligence, PPPs, Interim C-Suites and More…

The majority of entities that engage Escalate Solutions can be characterized as either (1) seeking guidance regarding their strategic plan or growth, scaling and sustainability goals; or (2) having implemented a viable strategy, seeking operational leadership and input regarding the cross-disciplinary challenges that success inevitably brings on an internal level.

The leadership team at Escalate Solutions has been exposed to high-growth and rapidly diversifying business environments in such specialty sectors as tourism, leisure, gaming, healthcare, architecture, construction, sustainable energy, development, social media, entertainment, market research, non-profits and government. We have seen what works – and perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t – when it comes to dynamic environments.  Escalate Solutions emphasizes corporate culture, mission and values in balance with deliberate growth, increased revenues and operational efficiency.

CEO Kimberly Arnold is a three time business owner and self-described “generalist” – capable of providing both strategic and tactical guidance regarding a number of critical multi-functional disciplines. We provide our services in the general categories of

  1. Strategy, Growth, Scaling & Sustainability Advisory Services
  2. Due Diligence Support for Private Investors & Financial Institutions
  3. Public Private Partnership Initiatives (PPP)
  4. Interim C-Suite Assignments & Operational Infrastructure Support

Specific functions include but are not limited to:

  • Growth Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Plans
  • Operations & Administration Advisory
  • Organic & Vertical Diversification
  • Corporate Culture
  • Business Development
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Secession Planning
  • Personal Branding
  • IT, Legal & Finance Coordination
  • Recruiting & Training
  • Public Policy
  • Client Acquisition
  • RFI / RFQ / RFP Support
  • Media & Communications
  • Risk Management
  • P&L Review
  • Board of Director Composition (including External Board Structuring)
  • Office Relocations / Openings
  • Community Presence & Responsibility
  • Philanthropic Initiatives
  • And more…

Escalate Solutions offers its services under a variety of contract structures – hourly and fixed fee…short term and long-term – as well as customized engagements for those aiming to achieve more challenging, transformational outcomes.