February 17, 2017


Escalate Solutions is committed to helping emerging, growing and transitioning organizations scale deliberately, increase profitability and achieve sustainability.

Adhering to our mission, vision and values (and the same guidance we offer our client base), CEO Kimberly Arnold is developing strategic, collaborative relationships that will differentiate the Escalate Solutions brand and ensure our ability to respond to the evolving dynamics of the global marketplace. 




The Gendreau Group, a San Diego area firm, works with clients to develop successful growth strategies. TGG specializes in finding new ways to generate revenues from existing products, technologies, and services. TGG’s clients include c-levels and senior managers who own P&L. With extensive cross-industry experience, TGG can rapidly recognize market opportunities, develop strategy options, find non-obvious partnerships and sources of distribution, and develop successful implementation plans. TGG looks for the intersection of business and product innovation, and for non-obvious sources of distribution and revenue generation. TGG does this by examining market and ecosystem-level dynamics in order uncover new sources of revenue and solve complex growth challenges.

Together, The Gendreau Group and Escalate Solutions offer growth strategy and responsive operations that yield resilient and sustainable businesses.

CONTACT: Timothy Gendreau, Principal, tgendreau@gendreaugroup.com  | Office: 760.635.0808  | Mobile:  619.922.2244 | www.gendreaugroup.com                                                                                                                         Save