Step 4 – Escalate’s 6 Step Optimization Evolution: Entrepreneurs Must Assume Pivoting

STRATEGIZE/PLAN; TEST/MONITOR; MEASURE/ANALYZE; DISCOVER/REFINE; PIVOT (AS NEEDED; REPEAT Deliberate growth requires ongoing assessment and adjustment. Technological tools and entrepreneurial marketing applications have changed the optimization process extensively. It is mistake to think that the crafting of a strategic business plan or marketing plan has a clear end date. There is a difference between a process[…]

Step 3 – Escalate’s 8 Focus Areas for Execution: Priorities, Goals, Mechanics & Measures

Translating the Vision into Measurable Action Plans An organization’s strategic plan will be translated into short-term, mid-term and long-term action items and initiatives for execution. Individuals, teams, departments and divisions will be assigned specific responsibilities for tactical engagement, with accountability measures attached to every goal and function. The blueprint for implementing the strategy will feature[…]

Step 2- Escalate’s 11 Core Steps of Strategic Alignment: Collaboration Advances Mission

Successful strategic plans include methodologies for engaging all stakeholders into the implementation of the mission and growth goals. Successful strategies permeate the entire organization. Strategic development and implementation are made possible through people. Period. The ability to recognize and communicate effectively about organizational strategy needs to be engrained in the culture…cascading through and permeating all[…]

Step 1 – Escalate’s 8 Critical Topics in Strategy Development: Start by Asking the Right Questions

Want to Grow Your Business?  Start by Asking the Right Questions. When working with our clients, Escalate Solutions applies the following “8 Critical Topics in Strategic Planning” to pinpoint the most critical subject areas for enabling growth – Aspiration, Assets/Challenges, Competition, Acumen, Customers, Infrastructure, Analytics and Profit Centers – in order to achieve a targeted,[…]

When Your Child Has Cancer: A Reality Check on the Importance of Your Business Life and Career

An excerpt from my recent letter to my network regarding my involvement with the Man and Woman of the Year Campaign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Dear Friends, Family & Colleagues, I am proud to announce my involvement with a personal and meaningful undertaking: The 2016 Man & Woman of the Year (MWOY) Campaign[…]

Part 3: Strategies to Transform Entrepreneurs from Passion Marketers to Growth Hackers

Part 3: The Market Diversification and Sustainability Frameworks Our last two posts have summarized the initial phases of both the internal and external business marketing life cycles in the context of Growth Hacking.  In this third and final share of the series, we consider the internal functions of Analytics & Assessment and Refinement & Optimization, as well as the external frameworks of[…]

Part 2: Strategies to Transform Entrepreneurs from Passion Marketers to Growth Hackers

Part 2: The Market Penetration and Market Development Frameworks A few weeks ago, we launched the first in a series of discussions designed to help emerging entrepreneurs lay the foundation for exceptional company growth. That post discussed how common it is for passion marketing and entrepreneurial networking to guide marketing initiatives during the Formative/Start-up and[…]