Strategic Growth & the 1099 Economy: Advantages for Organizations & Consultants

Approximately 1/3 of the US can be described as freelance workers or independent contractors. These individuals, who have derived their nickname from the IRS form used to track their compensation, are typically engaged on a temporary assignment or contracting simultaneously with multiple entities. I know, because I am (intentionally) one of them. I research and[…]

The Tangible & Intangible Value of the Proactive, Anticipatory and Visionary “Pivot”

There is, perhaps, no greater test for an organization and its leadership than to engage in the process of strategic growth, and be forced to choose between “staying the course” and “changing direction“.  The complexities are evident whether the immense decision on the table is being made due to unexpected opportunities or failed performance.  It[…]

The Value Proposition: Informational, Illuminating, Inspirational, Inciting

A refined Value Proposition is a crucial element of an organization’s Belief System and Manifesto – a component perhaps as integral to an entity’s long-term success and sustainability as its Mission, Vision, Values and Culture. I have reviewed countless definitions and articles regarding Value Proposition as of late, but most fall short of recognizing the[…]

Escalate Solutions CEO Kimberly Arnold: Principles of Sustainability

“Organizations intent upon long-term growth must have zero tolerance for myopic leaders. Only multi-faceted managers who appreciate all aspects of the internal & external bring value.”   An entrepreneur with a proven aptitude for growth strategy, Kimberly Arnold founded Escalate Solutions to share the broad skill set, comprehensive managerial knowledge and authenticity of mission that[…]

A Blank Canvas to Redefine Your Corporate Culture? What (If Anything) Would You Change?

I received some news this week that reminded me of the critical importance of organizational culture, and what can happen to even the most diversified and experienced entities if  leadership allows its growth goals to take priority over the people that make such aims possible. Analytical research is clear and consistent: 90% of businesses that[…]

8 Strategic Realities of the Competitive Business Environment to Embrace in 2017

Effective leadership demands an appreciation for the strategic realities of the competitive global business environment.  As you and your team embark on the new year, remember to consider, embrace and apply these important themes: #1 – STRATEGIC PLANNING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER The process of strategic planning has indeed evolved, but it is a[…]

It’s 2017: Do You Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur (or at Least Market Like One)?

Entrepreneurial marketing techniques aren’t just for start-ups any more. Learn the distinguishing traits of true visionaries in business, and how your organization can benefit from their discernibly elevated approach, characteristics and best practices in order to help foster growth in your organization throughout 2017.