Utilizing Performance-Based Compensation? Dual Cost Accounting Systems May Improve Fairness & Isolation of Outcomes

I had significant response to my recent post, “The Ultimate Sucker Punch to Emerging Leaders: Expectations of Responsibility & Accountability Without the Empowerment of Authority“. The volume of interest was appropriate given that the topic simultaneously impacts individual career paths, employee morale, corporate culture and the likelihood that an entity can grow, scale and sustain.[…]

Sustainable Leaders Escalate with Trust: The Culture of Delegation

When formalizing our companies, entrepreneurs and business leaders find it easier to delegate functions and requirements where we don’t excel. We surround ourselves with those that help offset our gaps and weaknesses. As our strategies, products, and services gain traction, there are more demands on our time – as well as the resources and accessibility[…]

The Ultimate Sucker Punch to Emerging Leaders: Expectations of Responsibility & Accountability Without the Empowerment of Authority

This post is a follow-up to a recent video episode I contributed to my YouTube channel, Three Minutes to Escalate, regarding the Culture of Delegation and its importance in creating sustainable businesses. To quickly summarize the takeaway of that discussion, my assertion was that successful Delegation requires both refined leadership skillsets and corporate cultures centered on[…]

(Part Two) Operational Expectations: Leadership & Brand

Part Two – Brand One of the subjects I am asking to address most frequently has to do with the characteristics. In this series, I take a deeper dive into the question, evaluating how expectations of leaders change as their business move through the life cycle of growth, scaling and sustaining, as well as how[…]

Growth, Scaling & Sustainability: Clarifying Definitions

Every organization will like to tell you that they want to grow. Growth can be measured by a variety of measures, which means almost any organization can claim to grow in some capacity. Yet scaling and sustaining are two very different, far-more-difficult-to-achieve aims. Scaling is the point an organization reaches when additional output and revenue[…]

Strategy Isn’t Dead: Four Phases of the Process for Leaders

I repeatedly hear the phrase “Strategy is Dead” on various social media channels. I can only estimate that the individuals writing those articles don’t understand what the process of strategy entails. There are four steps to the Strategic Process: Planning, Alignment of Stakeholders, Execution/Implementation, and Refinement/Optimization. It is a mistake to equate or pair strategy[…]

(Part One) Operational Expectations: Leadership & Culture

Part One – Corporate Culture One of the subjects I am asking to address most frequently has to do with the characteristics. In this series, I take a deeper dive into the question, evaluating how expectations of leaders change as their business move through the life cycle of growth, scaling and sustaining, as well as[…]

Scaling & Cost Controls: Service-Based Organizations Can Do It Too

Business fail primarily for two reasons (1) negative culture, and (2) an inability to control costs. This quick episode focuses on the latter. The definition of scaling is “achieving increases in revenues without corresponding increases in costs”. I briefly discuss differences in growth and scaling for product-based (often mass production operations) and serviced-based organizations (where[…]

Escalating Leaders Ask the Right Questions

Escalating leaders are engaged in strategic conversations everyday. Difference makers know that asking the right questions is often more valuable than walking into the room with all the answers. As CEO of Escalate Solutions, I also fill roles as facilitator, moderator, guest lecture, board member and interim co-suite contributor. I remind myself the importance of[…]

The Traditional “Four P’s” of Marketing: How Consumers & Technology Are Shifting Priorities

We were all schooled in the traditional drivers of marketing – the pillars we all know as the “Four P’s”: “Product, Price, Place and Promotion” Consumer expectations and advancements in technology are pushing the limits and demanding a redefinition of these fundamentals. If we stop and take an in-depth look into the critical intersection of[…]

Kimberly Arnold: Strategy, Vision, Pivoting & Overcoming

This is admittedly WELL BEYOND the Three Minute parameters that I set for my base discussion content, but many of my colleagues and friends that reviewed my “beta” suggested that I add a “background” episode (even if lengthy) that viewers and subscribers could dive into that offered more insight into my personal and professional background.[…]

Three Minutes to Escalate: Launch Announcement

This YouTube channel features Escalate Solutions’ “Three Minutes to Escalate” series, the best online resource for concise, value-added content to help organizations escalate, grow, scale and sustain. My name is Kimberly Arnold, and I am the founder and CEO of Escalate. I am, a three-time business owner and sought-after board member Kimberly Arnold. My firm[…]

Escalate Solutions to Launch “Three Minutes to Escalate” YouTube Video Series

My mission as the CEO of Escalate Solutions is to be an indispensable resource to leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses as they work to achieve long-term viability. I am thrilled to announce I am on the cusp of launching “Three Minutes to Escalate”, a pending video series that will offer concise, value-added content specific to growing,[…]

Incentive Compensation & Related Performance Rewards: Motivators or Mousetraps?

If you have read my published content or heard my lectures, you already know that I view every business opportunity and challenge through the lens of Escalate Solutions’ Four Pillars of Strategy (Planning, Alignment of Stakeholders, Execution and Optimization). This holds true with critical decisions involving Incentive Compensation and related performance motivators. Incentivizing performance in the[…]

In the Age of Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Strategy Still Reigns Supreme

As a strategic advisor, I am often asked to guide clients and audiences along the path to define, clarify and/or redefine mission, vision and value proposition.  The why. The reason they exist. It is an understatement to say that the conversations are inherently intricate, arduous and eye-opening, even for the most sophisticated managers. Achieving such a[…]

The Art of Leadership Delegation: Balancing Process Checklists and Cultural Environments that Promote Trust

Last week, I had the honor of guest lecturing at the Center for Entrepreneurship for the College of Business within one of our regional universities. The course/content was dedicated to Management and Operational Consulting, and I was asked to address the students about my experiences as a strategic advisor. A number of the individuals in[…]

The DNA of Entrepreneurial Leadership: Changing Expectations as Organizations Shift from Growth to Sustainability

One of the topics that I am asked to advise or lecture on the most frequently relates to distinctive facets of “Entrepreneurial Growth and Marketing“. Throughout the past few years, there has been a dynamic and noteworthy uptick in the demand from my clients and audiences to compare expanded characteristics and traits of founders /[…]

The Evolution from Growth to Sustainability: Elements of Culture That Matter

I saw a statistic recently that my home state of Colorado registered 117,648 new businesses in 2017 – a 7% YOY increase.  And that is in a state with just over 5 million residents. Those numbers reinforced our mission and vision at Escalate Solutions, as we continously work to help organizations make the coveted leap[…]


If it feels that I have been conspicuously absent in recent months…you are not imaging things. And, unfortunately, it was for a very legitimate reason.  My sincerest apologies to you if I have been out of touch. In late 2016, I was involved in a car accident that turned out to be much more serious[…]


I would assert that every entity in today’s dynamic marketplace can be categorized in one of two ways: Those that are proactively developing disruptive products and solutions, and those that will be forced to react to them. Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that many organizations are struggling to respond.  At a minimum,[…]