In the Age of Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Strategy Still Reigns Supreme

As a strategic advisor, I am often asked to guide clients and audiences along the path to define, clarify and/or redefine mission, vision and value proposition. ¬†The why. The reason they exist. It is an understatement to say that the conversations are inherently intricate, arduous and eye-opening, even for the most sophisticated managers.¬†Achieving such a[…]

The Art of Leadership Delegation: Balancing Process Checklists and Cultural Environments that Promote Trust

Last week, I had the honor of guest lecturing at the Center for Entrepreneurship for the College of Business within one of our regional universities. The course/content was dedicated to Management and Operational Consulting, and I was asked to address the students about my experiences as a strategic advisor. A number of the individuals in[…]