Conflicting Dichotomies in Business & Industry: Birds of a Feather vs. Opposites Attract

I am often asked to help clients overcome “conflicting dichotomies” – realities being experienced within a business or industry with seemingly contradictory or mutually-exclusive qualities.  Challenges I am seeing in my client-base and the greater marketplace currently include client retention in the age of the “1099 economy”, the intersection of small and large scale entrepreneurial[…]

Escalate Solutions CEO Kimberly Arnold Featured by Ann M. Augustine

Writer, facilitator and trainer Ann M. Augustine recently featured Escalate Solutions CEO and Founder Kimberly Arnold on her popular website,  The focus of the interview was successful female professionals who have found their passion. Read Kimberly’s story and review the full interview here >>. Save

Escalate Solutions CEO Kimberly Arnold: Principles of Sustainability

Indisputably, corporate culture is the primary determinant when it comes to an organization’s long-term sustainability. Leadership must invest heavily in what truly matters, especially people. An entrepreneur with a proven aptitude for growth strategy, Kimberly Arnold founded Escalate Solutions to share the broad skill set, comprehensive managerial knowledge and authenticity of mission that she has[…]