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Escalate Solutions CEO Kimberly Arnold Invests in Advanced Training and Certifications Specific to Strategy, AI, ML, IoT, Cybersecurity Blockchain, Digital Transformation and Intelligent Enterprise

Escalate Solutions has always been, and always will be, exclusively focused on the strategic aspect of business enterprise. We gladly leave the intricacies of developing advanced technology platforms and cloud solutions to the global experts, opting to focus on the elements that inspire us – human ingenuity, ethics, empathy, emotion, creativity, imagination, design thinking, visionary thinking, disruptive innovation and the intangible values of leadership and corporate culture. After all, these are the components of intelligent enterprise that technology can never replace. 

The analytics, applications, platforms, cloud solutions, databases and applications developed by entities like SAP, IBM, Oracle and others are yielding exceptional outcomes in end-to-end insight, process automation and efficiency. In turn, those benefits free up leaders to focus on what matters most – the important decisions that will determine business strategy for tomorrow and the years to come. It’s the one area that even the most sophisticated, turn-key solutions have yet to to bridge, and the niche where Escalate Solutions continues to be sought after for its expertise and value.  

That said, while we will never seek to be the programmers, coders or developers on the front-end, we recognize how critical it is to maintaining our value proposition and place within the Intelligent Enterprise fabric that we understand the technical solutions at a high-level. That’s why our leadership continues to invest a significant amount of time and resources in training programs and certifications that can benefit our client base.  

Best Practices (Doing it Better) | Next Practices (Doing it Different)

Escalate Solutions continuously seeks out thought leadership, training, education and certification programs related to Digital Transformation and Intelligent Enterprise. Through organizations like SAP, Escalate Solutions has placed an ongoing priority on programs that match our commitment to strategy best practices and next practices.

A summary of representative SAP content is outlined below. Through this MOOC channel alone, the cohesive training set represents more than 120 hours of training programs and certifications. More details about the elements of each study units can be found by clicking on the links for each:


Creating Trustworthy and Ethical Artificial Intelligence  (aie1-tl) – 4 hours

Cybersecurity: The Essential Challenge for Digital Transformation (cs1-tl) – 12 hours 

Design Thinking and Challenge Management (ko1-tl) – 4 hours

Digital Transformation Track (dtc1-tr) – 27 hours

Enterprise Machine Learning (ml1-1) – 3 hours

Information Security Management (ism1-tl) – 4 hours

Leadership in Digital Transformation (ldt1-tl) – 6 hours

Reimagining the Future: The Journey Through the Looking Glass (tcs1-tl) – 6 hours

SAP Leonardo – An Introduction to Blockchain (leo4)  – 3 hours

SAP Leonardo – Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise (leo1) – 3 hours

SAP Leonardo – IoT for the the Intelligent Enterprise (leo2) – 8 hours

SAP Leonardo – Machine Learning Foundation (leo-5) – 4 hours

The Impact of Digitization on Leadership and Work (next1-tl) – 6 hours


Design-Led Approach for the Intelligent Enterprise ( dafie1) – 20 hours

Digital Transformation and Its Impact (dit1) – 18 hours 

How Social Enterprises Enhance Corporate Supply Chains (sewf1-tl) – 16 hours