Kimberly Arnold: Strategy, Vision, Pivoting & Overcoming

Kimberly Arnold: Strategy, Vision, Pivoting & Overcoming
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Published at 2018, April 26
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This is admittedly WELL BEYOND the Three Minute parameters that I set for my base discussion content, but many of my colleagues and friends that reviewed my “beta” suggested that I add a “background” episode (even if lengthy) that viewers and subscribers could dive into that offered more insight into my personal and professional background. Summing up 46 years in even 7 minutes proved a bit difficult. But here it is.

Watch this segment and you will understand my “why”…how I developed my strategic skill set…and what inspires me in my career and beyond. I share details ranging from my college background to thoughts about celebrating personal business recognition in the context of my daughter’s battle against leukemia.

Being a business leader is beyond difficult. If you are considering it…or experiencing it….I dedicate this to you.

I am honored that you are following me. I look forward to our continued conversations.


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