Emerging businesses on the cusp of rapid expansion or diversification are in an enviable yet difficult position. The good news is that the business pitch or product has proven to have traction, and revenues are soaring. Yet the administrative and operational ripple effects accompanying aggressive increases in revenues and business growth cycles are widespread and multi-faceted, leaving owners all-too-often unprepared to address the diverse infrastructure logistics and external expectations that go hand-in-hand with such progress.

Revenue increases can change everything about a business operation. Without proper planning (or perhaps even “total re-engineering” in certain cases), otherwise welcome advancements associated with growth can actually prove to be detrimental to a business, its mission, values and culture. Yes, sales are up and hiring seems like the next step….but what else needs to be done to maintain those levels?  Leadership must invest in its business architecture.

There is a reason why more than 80% of new business ventures fail. Sales and revenue growth are always key checkpoints on a company’s success matrix, but they are not the only measures. Many owners and managers don’t proactively adjust their strategy, alignment and execution plans to allow for the corresponding operational impacts that sales and business development advancements have on cross-functional disciplines: Operations, administration, human resources, public relations, communications, social media, finance, IT, risk management, office expansion, community responsibility, and more.

If this description fits your organization, don’t dismay. Escalate Solutions is approached frequently by high-growth companies that are facing the same challenges.  We support pioneering companies by verifying and improving growth strategy, refining road maps, obtaining buy-in and recommendations from all stakeholders, identifying immediate and long-term implementation priorities, and defining the execution strategies to get (and stay) on an escalating trajectory.

Regardless if your entity is a public, private and non-profit organization, it is critical that you adopt a proactive growth mentality to foster faster decision-making, alignment of execution, balanced internal operations across multiple functions, exceptional corporate culture and values, community fit and partnerships, strong business ethics, and a positive public profile.