When formalizing our companies, entrepreneurs and business leaders find it easier to delegate functions and requirements where we don’t excel. We surround ourselves with those that help offset our gaps and weaknesses. 

As our strategies, products, and services gain traction, there are more demands on our time – as well as the resources and accessibility of our executives, c-suites and boards. The issue of delegation becomes more complex as we are forced to outsource our strengths…what we are good at.

Organizations will never grow, scale and sustain if we as leaders can’t delegate. An agile mindset inherently requires decentralized decision making “on the edge” and by fast-moving, purpose-driven teams. Cultures built on micro-management are TOXIC. Not only because core leaders become over-taxed, but because the emerging members of our organizations need the nourishment of growth, training, and advancement. 

Delegation requires a leadership skill set and a culture that fosters it. Both are discussed in this episode of Three Minutes to Escalate.